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About Us

With over 20 year of experience, LaunchWorks began with an idea that marketing services should be affordable to everyone in the small to medium business size marketplace. We want to preserve the Entrepreneural spirit of the small business owner by supporting the local restaurant, the mom-and-pop shop, and the family medical practice with competitive marketing solutions.

About Launchworks

Launchworks was founded in 2019 with one main word in mind: Partnership.

The one-size fits all agency model is a thing of the past. LaunchWorks can compete in an increasingly cluttered advertising environment as our clients move away from the “agency of record” model toward more project-based work.

Large agencies are (often, but not always) well-equipped to service large accounts, but may not be able to deliver nuanced, personalized attention to smaller clients or specialized projects.

LaunchWorks is in a unique position to provide individualized, expert service to all clients, no matter their size.

The agency handoff that can happen when a large agency wins a small account, generally means that after the pitch, a small-to-medium-sized client will quickly be relegated to junior level planners and account executives. This breeds inefficiency and can be disastrous if you’re in a data-sensitive industry such as healthcare, finance, or the public sector. It’s even harder to help partner to protect your brand.

At LaunchWorks, we pride ourselves in having an experienced staff in a small agency environment which means that top talent touches all accounts. So, you’re not just talking to the CEO or President during the onboarding and sales process, you benefit from their expertise throughout the entire length of your engagement with them.

Lack of responsiveness is one of the biggest complaints that small to mid-sized businesses have about working with agencies. In a traditional agency model, it can be difficult (if not impossible) to move the elements of a given campaign through standard channels in a timely fashion.

At LaunchWorks, we know that approvals are needed. Things get bottlenecked. High turnover or low prioritization of a given client (or both) means that no one takes ownership of project workflow in a consistent way. This can make an entire project come to a screeching halt. This is why a partnership is imperative. Wedevelop close relationships with our client touchpoints and get everyone involved in managing the account holistically.

This very human component of project management is one of the key waysLaunchWorks differentiates itself from our larger counterparts—we are flexible and, because of this, we move work through the pipeline quickly and effectively.

LaunchWorks has fewer clients than large agencies. This gives us the the luxury of focusing on each account more thoroughly. This same benefit enables our staff to build skills in specific industry verticals and geographic markets.

We keep costs low. Big agencies have big overheads. One of the most popular marketing agency employs over 100,000 people globally. The cost of office space, employee benefits, salaries and perks like industry tools and technology, are passed on to the client in the form of high monthly retainers or hourly rates.

LaunchWorks is used to running a tight ship and we’re focused on efficiency. We establish client expectations and stick with them.
We are staffed by a small group of dedicated people who want to be partners, not vendors, with our clients. We aim to become an extension of your internal marketing department and, as such, we’re invested in your success as much as you are. This is how partnering with LaunchWorks can really make a difference.

What We Do

As part of our award-winning growth, LaunchWorks has expanded its suite of online products to include social media management, web design, listings management, reputation management, and email marketing servicing a variety of small to medium size businesses worldwide. We demonstrate a strong work ethic with a results-oriented bias towards action. Simply put, we get things done. We hold ourselves accountable and each other accountable for the quality of our work and the level of productivity.

We respect diversity and different perspectives. Therefore, we collaborate across teams, to develop ideas, solve problems, and innovate. We seek to include the perspective and voice of all those whom the decision affects. Everyone speaks freely and openly. When a decision is made, everyone fully commits to supporting the decision of the group. Then everyone takes responsibility for executing their role to convert these ideas into results.


Objectives & Strategies

We will help define your goals and develop a winning road map.

Digital Footprint

We will validate your business and uncover opportunities and threats.


We will get robust answers to your questions so you can decide with confidence.

Competitive Review

We will appraise your competitors and keep you out in front.


We will optimize how your product or service is perceived by customers.

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Our Mission

Launchwork’s mission is to help our brands leverage advertising campaigns to build brand awareness and drive product demand. Whether you’re an established brand or a new market contender, our team can help you build through effective advertising.




A Team Of Professionals

Armando Martinez

Armando Martinez

CEO & Cofounder

Armando's Biography

Armando Martinez is an online marketing strategist with over 21 years of extensive “hands-on” experience in digital marketing, product development, sales training and project leadership. Armando has a proven track record of delivering cutting-edge Search Engine Marketing campaigns and innovative marketing strategies that accelerate growth, increase demand and maximize media budget. 

Armando’s marketing career began in 1998, shortly after the birth of Google. Like many Internet marketing professionals, he started out working for a Fortune 100 company building marketing campaigns for small to medium-sized businesses.  He transitioned into a Digital Marketing manager with AT&T Advertising Solutions, a publicly traded website solution provider. For two years Armando managed major accounts for the company which consisted of over $5 million dollars of yearly revenue. 

In 2012, Armando was recruited by YP Holdings, the fulfillment company brought in to move Yellwopages from a national print advertising yellow page directory company to a leading provider of small business websites. The leadership at the time was looking for an Internet advertising expert to drive digital product strategy to offset against the declining print industry. Armando led a 14-member team of direct and indirect reports, including web designers, programmers, copywriters and Internet strategists and created the process by which YP defined, designed, developed and deployed 500,000+ websites over six years, making the company the single largest producer of complete turnkey “brochure” on-page SEO friendly websites in the US. 

In 2017, after a successful 18-year career with AT&T, Armando joined a boutique Marketing Agency as Director of Search Engine Marketing and Social Media. Over the next two years he programed, launched, and marketed website and SEM campaigns for a long list of industries.   An early adopter of Google AdWords and search engine optimization (SEO), Armando successfully drove the quality traffic that led to hundreds of sales and reduced the cost of conversion to a fraction of traditional advertising spend. 

Armando transitioned to Director of Digital Sales Training. He led a team of six digital trainers to develop and facilitate training modules for a national sales force on new digital products and existing product upgrades including a SMB DIY ecommerce solution, banner display advertising, a partnered loyalty mobile app and a business website package (including SEO and mobile optimization) and social media management. 

Since early 2017 Armando has been responsible for the Marketing Agency’s overall website product positioning, user experience, feature development, and integration with the agency’s digital product suite. To compliment internal and sales website training he helped launch an internal Sales, Customer Service, and Fulfillment system, detailing the agency’s website product definition and featuring articles covering SEM, SEO, mobile, eCommerce, online display advertising and social media marketing. 

In late 2019, Armando Co-Founded his own Marketing Firm, Launchworks.   

Armando was Born and raised in South Florida and is fluent in 5 languages.  Armando is married to his beautiful wife for 19 years.  He is a father of two amazing children.

Kyle Robinson

Kyle Robinson

President & Cofounder

Kyle's Biography

Born and raised in North Alabama, Kyle believes in southern hospitality.
Kyle attended the University of North Alabama as well as Liberty University.
With deep ties and experience in customer service and support, Kyle understands the unique needs of small businesses and what drives their success.

While Kyle is not originally a Melbourne local, he has lived on the Space Coast for many years now and is more than proud to call South Central Florida home with his wife and four children.

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